Submission Guidelines

The Middlegate Key encourages submissions of any articles or links which are related to the SCA and its areas of study and interest. If you would like to submit an item, please note the following guidelines that we have established. Thank you.

  • Use SCA names only in articles unless you have prior approval from an individual to use their legal name.
  • We will only accept original works for submission and these must be accompanied by an authorization to publish the work from the author. Example: Copyright © —- Permission is freely granted to reproduce this article in its entirety for personal use and instructional purposes so long as the author is credited and notified. Permission to use this work in part is denied.
  • Please get prior approval from an individual before listing their contact information.
  • We welcome photographs to illustrate articles. Any photos that are not your own must be accompanied by an appropriate release from the original photographer or the photo will not be used.
  • On-Topic: This blog is about the SCA and all things pertaining to it. Submitted content should be on-topic, meaning it should be reasonably related to the SCA and/or the times and places we study.
  • Language: This blog  is viewable by the public in general and is considered to be a family friendly environment, so please keep language and content at a “PG-13” level or safer.

  • Religion & Politics: Submissions concerning religion or politics as they apply to SCA period cultures are acceptable.

  • Links & Photos: When sharing links or photos, include a description of what it is and why you’re posting it to encourage discussion. If it is not clearly SCA-related, clarify how it is.

  • The Editors of The Middlegate Key will (if needed) make edits to the format (not content) of submitted articles for better viewing on this site. If a submitted Article is chosen as a Featured Article and has no images associated with it, the Editors will find and use an image appropriate to the article to serve as a the featured image or will use the generic featured image.

Submissions may be sent directly to: Signora Stella da Lodi or to Hlaford Symon de Ipswich for consideration or you can use the submission form located below. One of our moderators will publish the piece or get back to you with any questions.



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