Content Guide


This page is meant to serve as an overall guide to some of the types of content which can be found in our newsletter. This is not a exhaustive list of the types of sections which might be found here as we intend for this to be a fluid and ever changing project with new types of content being published as the project moves forward.

Announcements: General announcements. Of specific interest to the members of the Canton of Middlegate to include events, officer openings, policy changes, etc.

Officer Announcements (Seneschal, Chronicler, Herald, Webminister, MoAS, Exchequer and Knights Marshal): Any items posted by individuals in the capacity of their office.

The Gold Key:  Articles of specific interest to those new to the Society of Creative Anachronism.

Arts & Sciences: Articles relating to the ‘how to’ aspect of the Arts & Sciences. Examples might be a step by step description on how to make a particular piece of garb or how to build a dayshade, etc.

Scholarly Pursuits:  General Articles covering relevant SCA specific interests.

Cooks Corner: Period recipes found by our members.

Eye on Middlegate: Covering the exploits, awards and other items particular to members of the Canton of Middlegate.

This Month in History: Dates of interest from history specific time periods covered by the SCA

A&S Cheat Sheet: Upcoming A&S activities and competitions to be found at events.