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2 people team braiding

Loop Braiding

This is in answer to a video request from my recent poll—I had no idea the opportunity would come up so quickly!

At the first of my two recent music campouts, Amy and Patrick both asked me to show them how to make a 5-loop braid. Right after they had each made one they wanted to learn how to make a 10-loop double braid by team braiding. This was their own idea, and in fact I was slightly shocked. I had mentioned double braids to them when they were looking at my braid samples, but I never expected they would want to learn them right away! I almost told them they should practice more first and learn team braiding tomorrow…Then I remembered they were musicians and I might never see them tomorrow. This was my golden opportunity to get a video!

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Tutorial: Drawstring Bag

Here’s a tutorial by one of our very own canton members that shows how to make a drawstring bag. If you already sew, you probably have enough scrap material and supplies to make one .. or two … or three. If you don’t already sew, this is a nice little project to make something that’s immediately useful.

Check out KD Thompson’s nifty drawstring bag tutorial on

(Click on the image to enlarge it.)