One setup, four color-patterns

Loop Braiding

7-loop, D-shaped braids 1, 2, 3, and 4. Braiding method taught here (along with two other color-patterns).

These four color-patterns each have three colors, and have almost the same starting setup of the three colors. If you want, you can switch between any of these four patterns within the same braid. (see footnote*).

All have 2 loops of the main color, 4 bicolor loops of the main color plus contrast color 1, and 1 bicolor loop of the main color plus contrast color 2. It’s probably best if the two contrast colors are both much darker (or much lighter) than the main color.

All the patterns start with the same arrangement of loop colors on the fingers, except that the bicolor loops for some of the patterns may start with the upper and lower colors in the reverse order.

Always double-check your bicolor loops before you start…

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