An unorthodox braid tutorial

Loop Braiding

Actually this tutorial itself isn’t particularly unorthodox! 😉 It’s the braid that’s unorthodox. That’s Noémi Speiser’s term for a fingerloop braid in which loops are passed through some loops, but completely over (or under) other loops. That’s all it means – it doesn’t mean that the braid is uncommon, or difficult to make.*

In fact, the most common fingerloop braid worldwide was probably a five-loop Unorthodox braid—the one called “a broad lace” in the medieval loop braiding manuscripts. That’s not the braid I’m teaching here, though.

This tutorial is for a 7-loop D-shaped braid, of a slightly different type than the most common unorthodox braid. I’ve only come across one possible historic reference to this type*. Yet it’s no harder to make than a 7-loop square braid. (jump to video — the loop set-up directions for the video’s two color-patterns are immediately below…

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