Staying In Persona: An SCA Dilemma?

La Bella Donna

This is an abstract from “A Miscellany,”a legendary work in the Society, produced by the equally legendary Duke Cariadoc of the Bow. See below for a link and information on acquiring a copy.

The Little Things

by Cariadoc of the Bow [Giata has inserted her Italian persona suggestions in bold]

Staying in persona does not mean saying you are a different person. It means being a different person. One of the hardest, and most interesting, parts is getting the little things right. Before you worry about inventing ancestors for seven generations and an elaborate personal history-things which few people tell strangers in any case-it is worth first learning as much as possible about the little things that anyone from your time and land would have known. The more such details you integrate into your medieval self, the better you can convince others (and yourself) that you are your persona.

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