Solo-braider tutorial for the Nun’s letterbraid

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Loop Braiding

This is a video-based tutorial on my workaround method for braiding the ten-loop Nun’s Book letterbraid* as a solo braider. I learned the traditional method from Noémi Speiser and Joy Boutrup’s Instructions for Letter Braids in 17th Century Manuscripts*, which describes how the braid would be made by two braiders working together. My solo-braider method is very different from the two-braider method, but the actual loop movements are the same. (My new plan is to make a separate tutorial later on for the traditional method.)

Page numbers apply to Speiser and Boutrup’s Letterbraid publication. You don’t need this publication to follow my tutorial, but you’ll need it afterwards if you want to braid other letters than U, J, and Q.

Here’s the rest of my last post’s unfinished quick fox story:

Nun's Book letterbraid type, by Ingrid Crickmore ("the quick fox jumped")

Nun's Book type letter braid by Ingrid Crickmore (17th C. textile technique, loop braiding

Nun's Book letterbraid by Ingrid Crickmore

(In case you are younger than me, and/or didn’t go to school in…

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