Italian Renaissance Font

La Bella Donna

I found this and *had* to share it for all those who would like historically accurate font types.

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“This font is based on the handwriting of Giovanni Borgia/Joan Borja, duke of Gandia, who was the son of a pope and the grandfather of a saint, member of a much-decried family, and founder of a most pious one. Having been sent to Spain, to marry, in 1493, the widow of his deceased brother Pedro Luis — Maria Enriquez, a cousin of king Ferdinand of Aragon –, and take possession of the Spanish dukedom said brother had left him, he corresponded a lot with his father back in Rome. It seems his father had much to complain about. Not only did Giovanni spend tons of cash to manage, enlarge, and aggrandize his Spanish possessions, but there were also reports that he had not consumed his marriage, didn’t share his…

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