Recipes from Anonimo Toscano

La Bella Donna

I’m perusing recipes from the 14th and 15th Centuries in northern and central Italy when I come across two great texts, one of which I posted about earlier this year, and this one, the Anonimo Toscano. Here are a few of the translated recipes that I’d like to try. My favorites are Nucato and Stuffed Peacock (towards the end):

Page from Anonimo Toscano Page from Anonimo Toscano

[1] To make white cabbages, well cooked. Take stalks of cabbage, and clean them well, so that nothing is left of the leaves; and cut them at the softest part of the head: and when the cauldron has come to a boil, with water and oil inside, add said stalks, or rather the white parts of the cabbages, and add fennel bulbs, and let all of it boil until it is rather thick. And if you want, you can put in oil, or meat or…

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