Cosmetic Surgery in the Renaissance; What was Possible and Why it was Done

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Segreti del Pavone

This is a paper I have had in the works for some time.  It was submitted this winter as a research entry for Arts & Sciences Faire here in the Middle Kingdom and it took a First place.  Unfortunately, some of my pictorial data has been stolen and I have not been able to replace it.  I have gone through and made a note of the places where the manuscript page I photographed was missing or the museum artifact image is gone.  Despite those setbacks, the paper is here for any who wish to read it.



Cosmetic Surgery in the Middle Ages and Renaissance: What Was Possible and Why it was Done

 Modern medicine has blessed us with many cures and advancements including the area of cosmetic medicine. These can be loosely defined as medical procedures which are elective and focused on the appearance of the patient. Procedures…

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