A Beautiful Medieval Mind: Caterina Sforza

La Bella Donna

When living history participants talk about the medieval mindset what do you think they mean? As a mundane sociologist I have long been fascinated with other mindsets or “points of view”. I have often studied the languages, customs, literature, biographies, and history of a target culture to get an understanding of how they think and why. This information can come from history books or scholarly articles but many times you only get the full sense when you find primary sources penned by those in and around the culture. When I approached the idea of developing a book of secrets in persona I immediately wanted to model it after a book of alchemy, medicine, and beauty written by Caterina Sforza.

I had come across the text of her 16th century manuscript from the University of Pavia webpages of Professor Patrizia Catellani. Professor Catellani is a renowned scholar of alchemy and herbalism…

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