Recreating a Viking Age teething toy (wooden horse)


I came up with this project for the Dragonsspine Arts & Sciences championship a couple years ago, inspired by similar wooden horses I had seen in From Viking to Crusader (1992, Roesdahl & Wilson). This book carries a hefty price tag but is well worth the investment for any serious reenactor interested in the period of 800-1200 in Scandinavia, as the book includes an extensive catalog of extant items from that period, including photos of many items and generously detailed descriptions of each. Thanks to the details given in the catalog and photos also included in this book, I was able to complete this project without having to search for other sources, as all the pertinent information was included there for my convenience.

What is it?

A few simple carved wooden toy horses have been found scattered across the geographical and temporal range of the Vikings, including important finds in…

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