Found Upon the Web 5/18/14

The big news this week is that archaeologists think they found the wreck of Christopher Columbus’s ship, the Santa Maria. Other interesting medieval links include a project to map medieval miracles, and more!

  • Found after 500 years, the wreck of Christopher Columbus’s flagship the Santa Maria – The Independent
    • “After 37 days [since departing from Spain], Columbus reached the Bahamas – but, just over ten weeks later, his flagship, the Santa Maria, with Columbus on board, drifted at night onto a reef off the northern coast of Haiti and had to be abandoned.”
  • Mapping Medieval Miracles – Past Horizons
    • “Their ultimate intention is to develop an online database – called Mapping Miracles – that will allow scholars to see how miracles recorded in texts that were often composed centuries and hundreds of miles apart, share commonalities and differences.”
  • The Cuckold’s Horns –
    • “Bunny ears” over someone’s head used to mean something different …
    • And thanks to Isabelle la Far for finding this one! ^_^

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