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Prague Parchments

It’s been awhile since my last post, but I’ve been busy.

I’ve moved from Atlantia to AnTir. With Captain Lady Gabrielle la Lyonnesa’s gracious permission and encouragement, I’ve decided to create my own house (because being in two houses aren’t enough, I need to make my OWN).

So me and The Girl have created the Household of Kazoku Maru (family ship). She is officially the sister ship of Ship Lejeune. I have sent an email to the AnTir Black-Lion herald, who responded that she is taking finals at the moment, so she referred me to her deputy who has not as yet responded.


The question I asked is: Can I use Kanji in my device (since Japanese used Kanji in their Mon, which functioned like heraldry in Japan. And how the heck do I blazon that?

On the craft front, I haven’t done much at all. When I first…

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