A Medieval Recipe For Healing the Stomach

La Bella Donna

Daily life in the middle ages was like the fine line between Carnivale and Lent, as immoralized by Pieter Bruegel in 1559. It’s a battle between feast and famine, a lifestyle of fasting and abstinence or a lifestye of drunkeness and revelry (Il Corpo nel Medioevo, J. LeGoff).

When carnival in Venice ends, one probably needs a dish to comfort their stomach, aid in digestion, and make everything feel better. This is a good recipe for doing just that:

Vivanda da fare bon stomacho – Toy pome codogne e lessale e mondale e pestalle, e toy late de mandole e distempera queste codogne e miti a coxere; quando è cocto mitige specie dolze poche e zucharo assay.

A Dish to Make the Stomach Well – Take two quinces, peeled and cleaned, and add to boiling water. When they are soft, drain and pour almond milk into the saucepan to cover the…

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