Redoing Scroll Lining


It was time to redo the scroll lining.  The text block area was just fine so I didn’t need to redo the entire layout just the lines.  If you will recall from the previous entry the scroll’s lines were uneven and caused varying x heights to occur making the letters bigger and smaller.  So redoing the lines into a more uniform width was needed.

EDIT:  Wordpress has changed how they let bloggers deal with their pictures.  At the moment I don’t know how to make the pictures pop up in a new window so I am making them large sized instead.  I hope the details come through for you.  You can as always click on the picture to get a very large size.

I started by drawing the left most margin line

Whole sheet with just the left margin drawn in. Whole sheet with just the left margin drawn in.

The paper is sitting on a cutting board which…

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