Tudor Farm Series – Episode 3

2 months in and the crew has learn all sorts of things that will earn them money. Now they are doing the things that will keep them going… making bread and ale. Huge parts of the daily diet both bread and ale were main source of calories.

It is time to wean the piglets so that the sow can bread again. The piglets are taken to the forest to fatten up on acorns and undergrowth.

Ruth gets to work on the bread and ale by gathering wild yeast from the air and starting grain to sprout. The boys then take grain to a mill to grind. The grain is taken to the monastery to bake into bread.

The boys visit the monastery to learn about how they kept time and help to make a new bell using the lost wax method. Tom learns about bees, wax, honey and how the bees were kept. The wax is then made into candles for the monastery.

The crew also celebrates the longest day of the year, Midsummer, with all festivities of the age.

These activities and many others fill this episode. Enjoy!


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