Isaac Newton and the Philosopher’s Stone

Kim Rendfeld

Time for another installment in the series about atom theory by physics professor (and my dad) Dean Zollman.  Here, we’re with Isaac Newton at a time when alchemy was mainstream science. – Kim

By Dean Zollman

Dean ZollmanIn addition to Isaac Newton’s work in mathematics and physics, he conducted a large amount of work in alchemy. Many historians believe that he spent more time completing alchemical experiments than he did on all of the science for which he is famous today.

Today, alchemy is frequently considered an occult undertaking that was driven by greed and superstition. However, that view is the result of interpreting the alchemists’ work in light of our 21st century understanding of matter. We know that converting lead or iron into gold through some chemical means is not possible. However, we know this conversion is not possible because we understand that each of the metals is an element…

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