Scents and Sensibility

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I was delighted to teach a class on scents of historic cultures this past weekend. I named the class “Scents and Sensibility” because a catchy name is always a plus, right?

Anywho, I wanted to post all the information we discussed as well as the recipes I spoke about for those who took the class and those who follow this blog. I hope you enjoy the references and recipes!

As far back as there were people, there were people who wanted to smell good. In my studies I’ve found that theme among all the females (and males) of Romano-Italo lineage (my personal research track). So I’d like to briefly cover how Romans, Sicilians, Florentines, and Venetians used scent to enhance their bodies (skin/ hair/ breath), their dining halls (linens/ tablecloths), their storage areas (chests/ cellars), and their clothes (gloves, undergarments, veils).

Our focus in this post are these cultures:


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