Checkered Landsknecht Hosen

A how to article.

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Update; the full finished outfit


The hosen is based of Ulrich Tengler’s ‘Laienspiegel’, Mainz, 1518, and the amazing outfit a friend made a few years ago;

Cut out 2 pieces of the leg in the colours of your choice and draw opposite lines on each leg in an angle.


Note that the lines doesn’t goes all the way to the crotch; it will be more comfortable with less fabric between the legs and it will be easier to do the lacing holes for the codpiece if it isn’t to thick layers of wool to sew through. As you can see, the back mid piece doesn’t have any lines, that part is going to stay single colour.

Braid the legs to each other



Pin the pieces and use basting stitches along the sides to keep them from not moving while sewing.

And cut off the extra fabric, giving you just…

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