Ink Making Questions


FAQs about ink making. I hope that it is informative, useful and helpful to you.

In the past month I asked people, “If you were going to take a class on ink making what questions would you want to ask?”  I received a lot of responses but I did not answer them at the time.  I wanted to gather up all the questions and put them into a class I’m preparing to teach in November in Ohio.  But I wanted to answer the questions for the people who asked them before then.

Where do you get your ink making supplies?


Oak Galls – these can be picked off any oak tree that has them growing on it.  I done this and I’ve ordered them from John Neal Bookseller.

Copperas – Also known as ferrous sulfate.  I order this online from

Gum Arabic – Sometimes called “Gum Acaccia,”…

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