Dyeing for demos

Time traveling Órlaith

Before I fill in the backlog of dyes I thought I might prove that I have been working on this project! This is a sample box I made up for demos with the wool top I’ve dyed so far. I am not yet confident in my ability to maintain a consistent heat to keep the wool from felting too much, so I’ve ordered a thermometer to help with that. 20131009-221248.jpg

let me see if I can label this effectively:

The jars:
Left most side jars: top is cochineal, middle is ferrous sulphate and bottom is brazilwood.
Right jars: top is weld, bottom is madder root

The wool samples ( knotted at the top, I thought they might be cute displayed on a mini line? )
from left to right:

  • diluted logwood
  • madder root – I had a redder sample as well – this one is more orange – but it met…

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