Golden Ratio

Might be of some interest for you Scribe types


There are two basic ways to go about doing the Golden Ratio (or Divine Ratio same thing.)  One is to do math and do the ratio thing by the number.

Not what I do.

Here is a diagram with an explanation  below.  Rotate it clockwise.  For some reason I couldn’t save it in the correct orientation.  Also it will go to another page and then click on that link as well and it will download.


The Golden Ratio for Book Page Layout – The Villard Diagram

Villard de Honnecourt lived in the 13th century.  He was an architect as well as an artist.  All that we know of him comes from his sole known remaining body of work of 250 drawings on 33 sheets of parchment dating from the 1220s to 1240s.  It resides in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France Paris shelf mark MS Fr 19093.

The Villard…

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