Giada’s Research Papers and Class Handouts

Some interesting Class Handouts and Research papers with a link to download at the end of the list. May be worth a look. Especially for those interested in the Rennaissance

La Bella Donna

Below you will find a list of and links to download my past research papers and class materials. Please feel free to use my work for educational purposes (SCA/Living History) as long as you provide proper credit to me.

Papers Submitted at Kingdom A&S:

Galenus Cold Cream Redaction 2013
Gleann Abhann Stands Alone 2013
Roman Cosmetics 2013
14th Century Italian Clothing 2013
Persian Refreshments 2013
Persian Refreshments 2012
Donne della Rinascimento 2012
Clarea Redaction 2012
16th Century Handwash Still Room 2012
16th C Handwash/Book of Secrets Research 2012**
Life Imitates Myth 2011
The Meaning of Friendship 2011
Pearl Necklace 2007**

Class Handouts:

Scents and Sensibility 2013
Storia di Signora Giada Alberti 2013
Roman Cosmetics 2013
The Book of the Courtier Summary 2013
Roman Games APA 2013
(Comportment) How Not To Be A Brazen Strumpet APA 2013
Filosofia Cortesana APA 2013
Game of the Goose (Gioco dell’Oca) APA 2013
Game of…

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