Recipes from Roman Britain

La Bella Donna

So, lately I’ve been on a food and herb kick. I thought I’d share a couple recipes that I’ve come across to whet your appetite for my two upcoming posts of research papers on Florentine herbal recipes and Greco-Roman beverages 🙂

Recipes from Roman Britain

roman feast

Pear Patina

Serves 4 •1½ lb firm pears. •10fl oz red wine.
•2 oz raisins. •4 oz honey. •1 tspn ground cumin. •1 tbspn olive oil.
•2 tbspn fish sauce. •4 eggs. •plenty of freshly ground black
pepper. Peel and core the pears and cook in the wine, honey and
raisins until tender. Strain and process the fruit and return to
the cooking liquor. Add the cumin, oil and fish sauce and the eggs
well beaten. Pour into a greased shallow dish and bake in a
preheated oven (375º F) for 20 mins or until set. Let the custard
stand for 10 mins before serving…

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