SIMS@Penn Manuscript Video: MS Codex 902, Chansonnier

A chansonnier is a type of medieval songbook popular in the late 14th and early 15th centuries. Many chansonniers, including Penn MS Codex 902, include song texts, but not the music, so they are not songbooks in the modern sense. Earlier chansonniers  might include both secular and sacred songs, but around 1420 they began to be broken out into separate collections. In this brief video, University of Pennsylvania PhD candidate Elizaveta Strakhov introduces Curator for Digital Research Services Dot Porter to University of Pennsylvania MS Codex 902, a Chansonnier collecting 310 poems by Guillaume de Machaut, Oton de Grandson, Brisebare de Douai, Eustache Deschamps, Philippe de Vitry, and others. Following a general introduction to the manuscript and its contents, Strakhov discusses the enigma of ‘Ch’ – is there a connection between our manuscript and the great Middle English author Geoffrey Chaucer? Ms. Strakhov’s article “The Poems of ‘Ch’: Taxonomizing Literary…

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