Birgitta Cap 14th century (Birgittahätta)

For you garb types

Whilja' s Corner

I brought my medieval clothing a back to California after my latest trip to Sweden, and needed something nice and cool to cover my head, and therefore decided to make the popular Birgitta (in Englis ‘Bridget’) Cap (Sweden 14th century).

Birgitta (1303-1373) was a the founder of a the Bridgettines nuns and monks, and was canonized 1391.

There is a couple of medieval illustrations of the cap, but most important the very nicely preserved original cap.


After scouting around the Internet, I decided to use Medieval Silkwork and Åsa Vävare as the base of my reconstruction of the cap. My version is though a bit simplified;
I start with two pieces of linen, hemming both if the back seam separately.


I got the basic measurements from a friend back home (thank you Aelwynne!)
Basically just a 25×25 cm square that I rounded of in one corner.

The original has decorative…

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