August Canton Meeting Minutes

In attendance at the 8/10/13 Canton meeting: Symon, Murienne, Catherine, Ealasaid, Stella


  • Baronial Meeting – Proposed changes to policies: redefining coronets as individuals, all marshals are deputies of baronial barshals
  • Keep up the good work!


  • Blog had 430 individual viewers on the Wednesday before the meeting
  • Considering creation of a MeetUp page

Exchequer (absent)

  • $1152.36 balance


  • No new awards for Middlegate people since the last meeting
  • Stella’s device is in commentary
  • If you’d like to register a name or device, contact Ealasaid (who is our canton’s herald)


  • Amazed by awesome art
  • A&S nights at Geeksboro have been successful
  • Blackwork class scheduled for November
  • Other scheduled classes are in the works
  • A&S officer needs a deputy. Send letters of interest to Catherine & Symon


  • Stella’s warrant expires in December and she’s not going to renew it. Send letters of interest in the canton chronicler position to Stella & Symon

A&S Night Ideas

  • Brainstorming about ways to keep online A&S nights more focused
  • Murienne is asking Laurels if they’d be willing to teach us stuff online.
  • Could look at the University of Atlantia class catalog and contact the teachers and ask if they would be willing to do an online or in person class
  • Need a technology solution that can accommodate more than 10 people at a time (that’s the limit in Google Hangouts)
  • Can record online A&S classes & post on blog

Period Games at Geeksboro?

  • Symon proposed playing period games one Friday a month at Geeksboro

Gesangs of the Stone

  • Event has been spiked
  • Focus is late-period German

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