If anyone ever tells you pink isn’t period…

For you fiber types out there

Time traveling Órlaith

..send them to me. There’s no way pink wasn’t period, unless they were calling it something else, like red maybe. This is ordinary wool, linen and muslin cloth all dyed with brazilwood. I used tap water (hard, lots of lime) and was a bit sparing with the chips to water and weight of fibre ratio. My aim here wasn’t to try for a red, but just to take my default to hand ingredients and see what colour came out.


Pink. Definitely pink. I like it though, especially the linen. I’m going to get some undyed silk threads for these experiments too, I think this could be a nice one.

These are all still wet, I’ll add another photo when they dry for comparison.


I’ve read somewhere that easter eggs used to be coloured with brazilwood too, so I chucked an egg in the dyebath overnight to see what happens…

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