July Canton Meeting Minutes

Seneschal’s Report

Curia highlights: Events are no longer limited to the I85/I95 corridor.  Sumptuary laws have been removed. Court baronages per reign are now unlimited.  Polling orders require 15 members to be present for a quorum.  The Star of the Sea is now an active award.

Background checks are no longer required for local seneschals – they are still required for Kingdom officers and all youth officers.

Canton policies have been reduced from 12 pages to 5.

Keep up the hard work – it’s being recognized.

The Canton needs for more people to be on the signature card. Stella & Kenya agreed to be added to the card.

Considering issuing a challenge to the Barony: Be as period at events as possible. Canton members will give tokens to people who are being admirably period. Would start next year at the … of the Stone event and continue for a year. This means we’ll all have to step our own game as well.

Canton could consider having a movie night at the drive-in theatre in Eden on the 3rd or 4th of August.  Or maybe a “Sunday in the Park” instead?  Consider the ideas and leave comments on the canton Facebook group.

Exchequer’s Report

We spent $120 to make the canton list fence.  We spent $35 to sponsor feast for newcomers at Flight of the Falcon. Our remaining balance is $1052.53

Webminister’s Report

In a month, the newsletter/blog has received 310 unique visits from 17 different countries.  We’ve also had one link added to the Kingdom A&S page, and Stefan’s Florilegium now links to two of our articles.

A&S Report

This month we had a beer brewing class taught by Sir Kieran and pewter casting taught by Lord Camillo. We need ideas for things to do in August.  In August we’ll have two meetings at Geeksboro, one online, and one project night.

Chronicler’s Report

We have a publication schedule. Updates from the blog should happen every Sunday and Wednesday. People can keep up with it automatically through Facebook, Twitter, or RSS feed.

Herald’s Report

Vivants to the residents of the Canton who were recognized at the following Events:

Highland River Melee

• Lord Aleksei Mikhailovich as made a Companion of the Silver Osprey

Day in the Park

• Lord Symon of Ipswich was given an Award of the Fountain

• Benefse bint Zakariya was made a Companion of the Opal

• Lord Reginald de Beauchamp was made a Companion of the Yeoman of the Sacred Stone

• Lady Catherine Ambrose was given an Award of the Fountain

Submissions Report

Stella da Lodi – name in commentary

 Gesaeng of the Stone

Theme is 1500-1550 Germany.  Site will be Star of Bethlehem Church in Winston-Salem.  $50 site fee. Feast for 50 people. Break even is 50 attendees.


Event Steward – Lord Reginald

Marshal in Charge/Heavy Marshal – Hlaford Symon

A&S Steward – Signora Stella

Feast Steward – Lady Murienne

MOL – Still needed

Gatekeeper/Reservationist – Still needed

There will be no archery or thrown weapons.

$6 for entrance and $8 for feast. Members present decided not to use ACCEPS.

Bid accepted.

It was noted that Event Stewards now have to be warranted deputies of the Seneschal – Lord Reginald now is.


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