June 2013 Canton Meeting Minutes

The minutes this month were compiled by Hlaford Symon, our seneschal.

In attendance – Symon de Ipswich, Ealasaid, Muirenne, Camillo, Niccolina, Jessica, Anne

Seneschal – Seneschals are now required to have a background check. This will be sent directly to Society and is paid for by the Kingdom. There will be a simple yes or no result. It lasts for the duration of the Seneschals Warrant (2 years) and a new one will be required if an individual wants to be re-warranted.
Exchequer – Not present.
Webminister – The Blog site has been setup and content is being added. There have been some changes to the Canton webpage.
Deputy Knights Marshal – If you run an event at which fighting takes place, either Rapier or Armored, be sure to coordinate with your Marshal in Charge to insure that a second marshal from outside of the Barony is present in order for authorizations to occur.

Chronicler – The newsletter has migrated to the web! I am very grateful that Hlaford Symon, our Seneschal/Webminister did such an excellent job setting up the newsletter’s new digital home. We’re still working out a few operational things, and please feel free to send me your comments and concerns. We have a publication schedule which is intended to stagger the content out over time a bit so that people aren’t flooded with articles all at once – and then don’t hear a peep from us for a long while.  Please also take a look at the submission guidelines.

A&S – Not present. We continue to do great art and meet on a regular basis.  Tuesdays are still our meeting nights, as we explore new locations – Geeksboro, for example.This Tuesday (6/11) is beer-brewing with Sir Kieran, and next month (tentatively) is pewter-casting with Camillo.  More details will be available online.We have several events coming up with great opportunities to show off your art.  Day in the Park will have lots of hands-on A&S, as well as Baronial Birthday in August.  We have some very fine artists here, as well as people with great potential.  As always, I encourage you all to keep with your art.
Herald – Please see the June 2013 Eye on Middlegate for the contents of Lady Ealasaid’s report.
Event Update –
of the Stone 2014 – Reginald is looking into a few sites for next years canton event. The Moose Lodge in Greensboro is one option and costs $250.00 to rent. Has a hall, kitchen, plenty of area for fighting, archery and thrown weapons. There is some concern about the sites requirement to have their staff on hand to use the Kitchen. Hagenstone Park is another option which is being looked into.
New Business –
Niccolina has shown interest in becoming the Canton Chatelaine. She also wants to coordinate with local colleges to arrange demos.
Murienne indicated that it would be a good idea to have two A&S nights a month at Geeksboro. The schedule would change to be: First Tuesday either A&S projects or classes in Summerfield, Second Tuesday Geeksboro A&S night, Third Tuesday Online Hangout, Fourth Tuesday at Greeksboro, Months with a Fifth Tuesday would be the potluck social. It was proposed that the Third and Fourth Tuesdays this month be at Geeksboro, Third Tuesday being a fiber night with spinning, weaving, etc. Fourth could be an open A&S night.
After Meeting – There was an question & answer session with the newcomer who attended and two other people who were seated nearby and became interested in what we were doing.
Next meeting – July 13th, 2013. Time will be 2:00 PM at Geeksboro.

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