Plant roots, stale urine and rain, oh my!

Time traveling Órlaith

(Or a fast beginner’s introduction to medieval dyeing)

Ever since I joined the SCA I’ve been plotting to set up to recreate dyes. I’ve done a fair amount of research by now, so I expect there will be a few posts on the subject to follow, I have a lot of plans.    This particular post is designed as a sort of Beginner’s Guide to Dyeing, I’ll be getting into specific methods and recreations as I go along.  So, first things first

– What am I trying to change the colour of?
There are different applications of the techniques described below depending on whether you use animal (eg. wool) or plant derived fibres (linen, for my purposes).  I’m going to focus most of my experiments on wool,  as I’m given to understand that there’s a trick to dyeing linen.   Whatever the material, the trick is to to change the…

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