Introduction to Assisi (Voided Work) Embroidery by Angharad verch Dafydd

Rowdy Populace

Introduction to Assisi (Voided Work) Embroidery

Presented by Angharad verch Dafydd

Jessie Jaramillo

Class Handout

Class Overview: This is a “hands-on” class with a brief overview of Assisi embroidery in period and SCA applicability. You will learn four stitches commonly used in Assisi embroidery while working on a small period design. Do not expect this piece to be perfect. It is a learning piece. You will make mistakes. Practicing the stitches will result is smoother work.

What is Assisi Embroidery? Assisi Work or Embroidery is also known as Punto Assisi, Ricami d’Assisi, Voided Work or Embroidery, Reserva Work or Embroidery. The technique is a form of monochromatic counted thread embroidery in which the main designs are outlined in silhouette and the background is worked. It is commonly worked in one or two colors (usually red, blue or green) on a strongly contrasting fabric. This technique began to be called Assisi in the…

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